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Barrel Program Reservations



You've landed on the Private Select reservation page. We've got two Single Barrels of Russell’s Reserve that were barreled on the same day from the same distillation run and aged side by side for over 9 years.

Like a set of twins, these barrels initially resemble one another, showing deep, rich notes of caramel & creamy texture. Give them some time to open up and each reveals its singular personality. The creaminess of barrel 18-0192 expresses overtones of earthy Wild Turkey funk. Barrel 18-0193 shows a distinct note of vanilla and is marked by an herbal edge.

It’s incredible how these barrels, virtually identical, reveal themselves to be markedly different. Snag a couple of each and find out which one you like best. Pickup begins Friday, March 15. After 10 days all unclaimed bottles will be released to the general public.

We’re no longer taking reservations for either barrel through the website. For more information, please call the shop at 615-228-3311. Thank you.