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Reinvinting the flask

Will Motley

Stanley makes some seriously rugged stuff. Their iconic green thermos is the kind of emblem of durability that makes me nostalgic for something I was never even witness to, an older idea of manufacturing that valued the lasting quality of its products. Maybe it's a value that has always been rare, and it's just those few gems that outlast their own generation that make us think: they don't make 'em like they used to.

In any case, Stanley is making 'em like they used to, only they've branched out beyond the thermos and applied that simple strength to the design and construction of the hip flask.

These flasks are made to go places, knock against things, survive. But they're also stylishly rugged and designed for easy use.

The 8oz. "Hammertone" recalls those iconic thermoses in a direct way. And it just feels good in your hands. You don't wonder whether or not it will do exactly what you need it to do. It will. It's an object that inspires confidence in itself by dint of its weight and texture, the action of its moving parts. Simple, exact, sturdy.

Their newest addition, the 7oz. "eCycle" flask, takes a leap of imagination and lands squarely on firm ground. It's made of recycled and recyclable plastic but sacrifices nothing of durability. Better yet, the whole lid flips up (not just the spout), allowing easier access for pouring and, most importantly, cleaning the inside. Cocktail camping anyone? I'm down.

Stanley flasks
8oz. Hammertone - $25
7oz. eCycle - $15