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Barolo's Unsung Classic

Will Motley

It's an exciting time to be a wine merchant. Not just in this season but in this era. We have so much access, so many stories to tell. And because the satisfaction of our trade comes in introducing one set of heroes (you) to another (our favorite winemakers), our little wine hearts flutter when we get hold of bottles like these. 

Guido Porro makes Barolo of epic proportion while maintaining a wholesome, casual attitude toward the endeavor. Four generations deep, the Porro family only recently started bottling on the estate. Before that, they sold their wine in large barrels to be bottled under another name. So while you might not find them listed in many of the top publications, they are every bit as astonishing as those with more familiar names. Call it unsung, under the radar, misunderstood. I call it delicious.

Grab a bottle of his prestigious 2009 Lazzairasco vineyard Barolo to lay down or give as a gift, and a bottle of his 2012 Langhe Nebbiolo to wash down this weekend's hardy meal. Despite all the expectations that accompany the wines of this region, these unassuming bottles do not disappoint.