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Eagle Rare Private Barrel

Will Motley

This week just leapt forward into greatness. Our latest private barrel of Bourbon arrived today--our final selection for the year--a boozy doozy from the whiskey mongers at Eagle Rare. It's got style, class, and our edifying stamp of approval. 


Thing is, it's sort of an extra-special treat this time around. Whereas Eagle Rare Ten Year used to be bottled from single barrels, now it's more of a "small batch" thing. These days, barrels of distinct character and qualifying age (at least ten years old) get blended together into batches before bottling, which creates greater consistency across the board. Easy enough to understand the decision, and the quality remains as high as ever. But we still like the idea of the specificity of the flavors that come from a single barrel. So we bought one, making this barrel rarer than ever.

Here's an excerpt from Tyler's notes during the selection process (you know, the hard part):

Barrel #118 - doughnut, lightly boozy, sawdust, char, vanilla, candied citrus, hard woody tannins

Of the several barrels we sampled this time, Barrel #118 stood up and announced itself pretty clearly. The others were good, but this one just had that sparkle. We all felt it. Like, that quality of being more than the sum of its parts.

Eagle Rare comes from the Buffalo Trace distillery, and is made from their mash bill #1, which is mostly corn with just a smidgen of rye. BT makes many of our favorite Bourbons, but Eagle Rare has a dollar-for-dollar delivery that is peerless in the group.

Just in time to stock up for the holidays. This one comes in three volumes, from stocking stuffer to party size. But, the only down side is, it's a smaller barrel than usual. If you want the goods, get 'em now.

Eagle Rare Ten Year - WWM Private Barrel Selection
375ml $18  |  750ml $33  |  1.75L $55