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Evil Twin Brewing Brings Beer to the Table

Will Motley

Being a gypsy brewer means having degrees of freedom that stationary brewers do not have. The best in the world exploit this advantage, and Evil Twin Brewing is most assertively one of the best. 

Originally from Denmark, Brooklyn-based Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø creates hundreds of unique brews a year, contracting the work of dozens of breweries to form a line of beers that is always changing, always pushing the limits of what beer is and can be. This spirit of ingenuity, combined with an uncanny knack for taste, has landed Evil Twin in Michelin starred restaurants like Noma, Momofuku Ko and Alinea. It's also gained Jarnit-Bjergsø acclaim among beer lovers worldwide.

Evil Twin Bikini Beer was one of the early exemplars of low-alc session IPAs. A slew of major breweries have since followed suit. Never one to stop short, Jeppe took that success and pushed it further with the sensational Sour Bikini, a tart version of the hoppy pale and one of the only examples of an IPA fermented 100% by that notorious agent of funk, Brettanomyces. (see here for a full explanation)


Or take the Evil Twin Yin and Evil Twin Yang, the first an imperial stout and the second an imperial IPA, both great beers in their own right and utterly delectable combined into the world's highest-brow Black & Tan.

We've been sipping Evil Twin creations since 2010, but only recently have we been able to bring them into the shop. Below is a little taste of what we've got now, and who knows what's coming next. Let's just say we're brimming with excitement.

Nomader Weisse - Berlinerweisse German-style sour ale
Femme Fatale Brett - IPA w/ 100% Brettanomyces fermentation
Yin - imperial Taiji Stout 
Yang - imperial Taiji IPA
Bikini Beer - low alc session IPA 
Sour Bikini - low alc session sour IPA

. . . and more!