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Brando in Willamette: Part II


Brandon sent us a message over the weekend.

Processed 10 tons during a 13 hour Friday. My body is the most soreit's been in quite some time. Will have more updates soon, but in the meantime I needed this...

I had been waiting to hear from him since his last post, and wasn't sure but figured he was slammed at the winery. Good thing today is what he's calling a hurry-up-and-wait day, where he has some downtime to reflect on the past week. Here's what he's got to say

copyright Brandon Chapple

There's always a lot of work to be done during the harvest season, but perhaps the longest and most erratic hours happen right at the beginning, when winemakers have to organize the picking, receiving and processing of fruit. No matter where you're making wine, the weather always throws some sort of curve ball, and this year the story is an all too common one, warming. Early budbreak and a hot summer have brought us to now, where warm winds from the east are threatening to turn the grapes into raisins. The picking has to happen soon, but so far things haven't been stressful. The clusters look beautiful, with no rot, but it's supposed to rain this weekend. Do we let heat and moisture threaten the grapes? Can we afford to let them hang?