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Woodland Wine Fair: Fabrizio Iuli


Producer Spotlight: Fabrizio Iuli

Fabrizio Iulu

In 1942 Fabrizio Iuli’s grandmother opened a restaurant in the Monferrato of Piedmont. His grandfather tended barbera vines on the hillside, and the family sold homemade wine to their patrons. Fabrizio grew up here, giving a hand in the restaurant and in the vineyard.

Fabrizio returned home after studying gemology and jewelry design, and soon decided to direct his attention to producing wine. He planted additional vineyards and purchased an old cascina, where he fixed up the cellar and introduced modern winemaking technologies. Thanks in part to the family wine’s popularity at the restaurant – which has now unfortunately closed its doors for the last time – Iuli is finding success today out in the market.

Fabrizio approaches wine with good sense and passion, listening to what the vintage and the fruit have to say instead of manipulating them in the cellar. Therefore his approach to winemaking is more natural, heeding attention to the traditional methods that were in place long before herbicides or pesticides were used. His wines are fresh and juicy and uniquely his.

Is it then surprising to learn he’s not interested in organic certification? Not when you hear his reasoning.