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East Nashville Beer Festival 2017


The East Nashville Beer Festival will convene at East Park this Saturday for the seventh time in as many years. In 2017, nearly half of the 48 attending breweries are local to the Nashville area, and more still come from adjacent areas like Northern Alabama, East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Kentucky. Remember when local beer meant Blackstone, Yazoo, and a handful of homebrewers?

It's fair to say that craft beer in the South — and more to the point, in Nashville — has exploded over the past seven years. Along the way, we've striven always to be part of that growth and change while maintaining an identity that both delights in the merits of the modern craft movement and revels in the traditions of the past. For all the innovation afoot right now, our contemporaries stand on some mighty broad shoulders. We celebrate all of it.

Beer in a Minor Key

Year after year our tent provides something of a counterpoint to the roaring melody of the show. That is our decided role. We like that we offer something different, something slightly askance, as a way to affirm the triumphs of our brewer friends and duly complement the main event. In this way, by directly supporting the mission and simultaneously broadening the scope of ENBF, we feel we serve the craft beer community of Nashville the best we can.

That said, our 2017 tent is as exciting as ever. We teamed up with two prominent national beer portfolios, B. United and Shelton Bros., to create a list of beers that sets the bar on quality. We'll pour offerings from Norway, Germany, Belgium, France, and various places around the United States. We'll have beers straight out of the mid-19th century, and stuff so new and strange it defies attempts at categorization. Fresh beer, aged beer, dark and light. Saison from St. Louis and IPA from Ghent. Our theme this year is total curiosity, to be as open in style as we are discerning in taste.

In that, we hope to continue with a single purpose: contribute to the enrichment and elevation of Nashville beer, in our store, at the festivals we sponsor, and beyond.

For the curious, we've posted a list of all the beers we'll be serving at our tent during the 2017 East Nasvhille Beer Festival.