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Collecting with Kev: Maxime Magnon Rozeta

Kevin Peterson

It was a wet, hot, besotted summer. The risk of collecting wine and having it readily on hand is obvious. July & August were delightfully debauched, so I’ve been told.

But I didn’t start collecting wine in order not to drink it! It was time to go through the fridge, and that’s exactly what I did. Now it’s time to rest the liver and fill it back up.

The cool thing about round two of Collecting with Kev is that I get to look back on last year’s picks and compare the wines – with a year or two of age on them – to the bottles I select each month as we start anew.


My first selection for the reboot is Rozeta from possibly my favorite wine maker, Maxime Magnon. Rozeta is a field blend of carignan, grenache, syrah, grenache gris, macabou, and terret. Last year I posted an article about his white wine, La Bégou, which is drinking wonderfully right now, if you’re still holding onto yours. Taut and full of energy, it’s opened up some and is quite lush and coating on the palate. If you’re not ready to crack into it yet, it will hold on for a couple more years. Although I did not collect any bottles of Rozeta, I did down half a dozen over the course of a few months.

This year’s Rozeta is similar to last year’s. The texture is rich but silky, and the wine is loaded with blue fruit that coats the mouth and leads way to brighter red fruit and southern French herbs. It’s all at once natural and wild and rich and polished. The depth is phenomenal considering that the wine is not full in body. I sampled it last weekend, and it’s right on point.

If it ‘s drinking well now, why hold onto it? For one, to see what it does. There’s enough fresh acidity to keep this one going for a while, and I’d be very interested to see how the 2017 stands up to next year’s 2018. Secondly, because the wine is perfect for those first warm days of spring, when the outside world is exploding with life and potential. Stick Rozeta in the fridge for half an hour and step outside into the vibrancy of the season and pop it open. Also, whether it’s this Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving 2k19, the Rozeta makes for the perfect pairing for a traditional turkey dinner. If I were to purchase a few, I’d save them for those occasions. Or maybe I’d get bored on a Wednesday night and let loose. Whatever. It’s just wine. Have fun with it!

To read more about the producer, click here to check out my blogpost on La Bégou from last year.

Maxime Magnon Rozeta
Corbières, Languedoc, France
Carignan, Grenache, Syrah, Grenache Gris, Macabou, Terret