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Rags to Riches with Cabernet Franc

Kevin Peterson

Cabernet franc is an orphan grape, and although it's made a home in the Loire Valley of France, its nature is to roam free. With wineries like Broc Cellars and Division Winemaking Company producing juicy, vegetal renditions of cab franc, with a foot in the States and the other in France, it's evident that the adventurous grape has taken a liking to the new world. 

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High Tone Harmony


Savio Soares made a name for himself as a wine director in top New York restaurants, working for chefs like Daniel Boulud and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. In 2002 he moved to Germany with his wife and newborn son, at which point he started importing wine to the U.S. and commuting between continents. Now, after a decade in business, he is one of the most respected purveyors of small-production wine in the States.

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Seagoing Creatures


"Beside a plate of shrimps, oysters, or mussels, it becomes one of gastronomy's most convincing clichés."

Cliché because when we think of Muscadet we think most often of the cuisine it evokes, the taste of shellfish on a sanguine afternoon. Saline, calcium, fresh air. Convincing because, every so often, a cliché has the ability to shine through its scrim of overuse and light the way toward beauty.

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Gamay in Touraine, Naturally


Touraine Gamay is widely dismissed as light, fruity, or superficial. At best, one might hear them referred to as charming. In a general sense, compared to cru Beaujolais, there is truth to the reputation. But in particular? There are wines of serious swagger being made here—wines well worth my attention and yours.

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