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Legendary Roots

Will Motley

In the 1980s, Beaujolais turned sharply from its sad-clown past and broke toward a clear-eyed vision of the future. Four young winemakers, under the influence of a radical vigneron named Jules Chauvet, heeded lessons in the tending of vines that shirked prevailing convention—which emphasized maximal yields and cheap forgettable juice—for something far more traditional, and powerful. 

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Rad Magnums

Will Motley

Conversation is the true centerpiece of any good holiday gathering. Whether it's family or friends, new or old, we gather to acknowledge each other, to talk and to listen. Notoriously, some talk more than others. But there are simple ways to encourage the good kinds of chatter.

Busting out a large format bottle of some sexy red wine will engage a room as fast as you can say the words Grab a glass. Folks aren't really used to it. A magnum speaks up and says, No matter what else, we're doing something special tonight. Together. Everyone's involved. A bottle like this focuses everyone's attention and steers the conversation towards what is shared, more so than what is not. Call it anecdotal, but I'm here to say it works.

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Master Class

Will Motley

In 1981, Marcel Lapierre shifted radically from convention. He had met Jules Chauvet—the man accredited for starting the so-called natural wine movement in France—and begun to wonder how this new mentor's ideas might play out in his own vineyards and cellars. 

It was one of those moments when an idea hangs ripe in the air, waiting for someone to notice. Something in the culture is missing, and no one can quite put her finger on it. It takes luck and genius to intervene. Marcel saw the idea and plucked it. Beaujolais would never be the same. 

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