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Dirt, Rocks & Vines | Muscadet

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Dirt, Rocks & Vines | Muscadet

Muscadet, Cru Muscadet, Terroir
Muscadet, Cru Muscadet, Terroir
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Dirt, Rocks & Vines | Muscadet


Monday, August 22nd
6pm @ Marché Artisan Foods
special guest Jon David Headrick
cheeses by The Bloomy Rind

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Muscadet does NOT get the love it should. Our response? Buy a TON of ridiculously good wine at a good price and drink ourselves into the dirt. You should to. Because in the dirt is where we find the origins of the wonders of wine.

To put our $$ where our mouths are, we're throwing down with some seriously dope wine from the Sèvre et Maine. Two producers, three cuvées each. Each wine represents either a single vineyard or a single soil type or both. Don't know what I mean when I say single soil type? Exactly. That's why you should come. The ever charming Jon David Headrick (importer of world class wines from the Loire Valley and beyond) will lead us in a little primer on the subject. It's what he does. It's what we do. It's what makes this job so beautiful.

TWENTY BUCKS includes pours of each of the six wines, grazing rights on the selection of cheeses from The Bloomy Rind, and bragging rights when all your friends are talking about Muscadet next year. Muscadet. You'll be like, Yeah, know all about it.