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Palate Cleansers: Don't Get Beat by Fatigue


Palate fatigue is real. It’s that moment – around drink three or four – when the nerves in your tongue sense the fried state of things up top and stop sending messages to the brain. Your taste buds max out. Sips of Mint Julep slip into thoughtless gulps.
Don’t succumb to palate fatigue this weekend. You know juleps will be in the mix, but switch things up a bit. Keep the connection alive with a clean godello from Spain. Refreshen the senses with a lively rosé from California. Then cool off with a chilled pinot noir from Germany. If at any point you feel your taste buds are beginning to wear, find an open space to perform a series of tongue exercises. Swoosh, swoosh, swallow. Swoosh, swoosh, swallow.
Saturday, May 6
3-5pm @ WWM

Bodegas Godeval
Valdeorras, Spain

Matthiasson Rosé
Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Counoise

Shelter Lovely Lilly
Baden, Germany
Pinot Noir