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Partida Creus: Indigenous Spanish Pow-Pow

Partida Creus Tasting

When giving recommendations for food and wine pairings, I often think regionally. They eat andouillette in Lyon, pair it with Côtes du Rhône. It's a cool way to offer a comprehensive gastronomic experience.

And the method transcends food. Walking these streets of Nashville this week, melting into the pavement, I was thinking to myself, what pairs well with the misbegotten heat? What do they drink on the blazing rangy coast of the Mediterranean? Simple. Qeixal del llop. And cariñena. And vinyater.

In plain English, we're opening a refreshing white and red from Spain. The red is one of those bottles that benefits from a chill. Radiant, savory and natural, it's bottled without the addition of sulfites. And the white, made from the vinyater grape, is a quaffable zinger, unfined and unfiltered with cutting acidity. That wasn't so complicated, was it?

Saturday, July 22
3-5pm @ WWM

Partida Creus Vinya
Penedés, Catalunya, Spain

Partida Creus Vinel-lo
Penedés, Catalunya, Spain
Garnacha, Ull de Perdiu, Sumoll, Qeixal del Llop, Cariñena, Garrut, Trepat