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Tasting: Portuguese Pairing


Medieval de Ourém is a wine of translucent cranberry hue that pops under light somewhere between rosé & gamay. Its method of production was introduced by Cistercian monks in the 12th century, and the tradition is protected by law to this day.

The wine is made up of the white-skinned grape fernão pires & the red-skinned grape trincadeira. The fernão pires is pressed and transported into oak, filling the barrel to 80% capacity. Fermentation begins. Meanwhile, the trincadeira is pressed and fermented in contact with its (red) skins for 4-10 days. The fermented must from the trincadeira grapes is then used to cap off the barrel of fernão pires, skins and all. As the skins sink through the wine, they work as a natural fining agent, pushing organic particles to the bottom of the barrel.

In addition to the Medieval de Ourém from Quinta do Montalto, we're opening a white from Vihno Verde by producer Quinta da Palmirinha. The Portuguese pairing promises to make for an interesting tasting this Saturday.

Saturday, March 17
3-5pm @ WWM

Quinta da Palmirinha
Vihno Verde, Portugal

Quinta do Montalto
Encostas d'Aire, Lisboa, Portugal
Trincadeira, Fernão Pires

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