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Saturday Tasting: Skin Contact


It'd be a jerk move to name Saturday's tasting "Skin Contact" and then not open any orange wines. Well, consider me a real Steve Martin.

But worry not! We are opening cool kid stuff this weekend. Mosel rosé with snappy acidity and mineral drive. Energetic syrah farmed biodynamically and bottled without the addition of sulfites. Volcanic island wine produced from 100-year-old vines. And a sur lie sparkler made by an agronomist who set his sights on working the land as naturally as possible.

These are refreshing, warm-weather wines. Grilling wines. 4th of July wines. And yes, technically, skin contact wines.

Saturday, June 29
3-5pm @ WWM

Stein Rosé Trocken
Mosel, Germany
Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon

Domaine Léonine Qué Pasa?
Languedoc, France

Dolores Cabrera Fernández La Araucaria Rosado
Valle de la Orotava, Canary Islands, Spain
Listan Negro

Furlani Rosato
Trentino, Italy
Pinot Noir