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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

Domaine Maestracci: Corse Calvi Comeback Kid


Corsica is the latest emergent player on the wine stage. Domaine Maestracci is vying for the leading role.

As recently as the 1980s, it may not have been advisable to take a chance on an unknown bottle of Corsican wine. Fortunately, things have changed. Infusions of cash and advancements in climate control technology over the last three decades have allowed this little island to sail full tilt into the world of internationally recognized wine. Today it's a diverse playground for the glitterati, an island gem with an inland culture. Domaine Maestracci's Corse Calvi wines, especially, have captured my attention, conjuring in every sip the twisting landscape and perpetual sea breeze of their homeland. These are wines that delight in their own quirkiness, and surprise you around every turn.

I'm sure your Corsican geography is tip-top, but just in case here's a map. The best wines of the island, including those of Domaine Maestracci, come from the area surrounding Calvi.

The leading grape in these reds is called Niellucciu, which is basically the island's special version of Sangiovese. The white is all Vermentinu, known variously throughout Europe as Vermentino, Pigato or Favorita.

Here's what we have on offer:

Dom. Maestracci Corse Calvi "Clos Reginu" — $15 (Niellucciu, Grenache, Sciacarellu, Syrah, Mouvedre, Carignan)

Dom. Maestracci Corse Calvi "E Prove" Rouge — $23 (Niellucciu, Grenache, Sciacarellu, Syrah)

Dom. Maestracci Corse Calvi "E Prove" Blanc — $23 (Vermentinu)