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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

Craft Beer Week recap


All in all a great week. We had two in-store tastings, a beer dinner down at Marché, and we held our own as the only European beer contingent at the East Nashville Beer Festival. We were lucky the rain held off til the end, and we didn't quite run out of beer (believe it or not!). We even popped a jeroboam (3L bottle) of St. Feuillien Tripel, which went over pretty well with the crowd. Pics after the jump.

St Feuillien Tripel St Feuillien Tripel


Thursday night we hung out with with Dan, brewer at Straight to Ale, who was in the store for a couple hours. We opened all of their high-gravity selections, including a special release collaboration between Straight to Ale, Blue Pants and Yellowhammer (all from in and around Huntsville, AL). They split costs on a bottling line and came together for a series of four brews. Liberation is a smoked Doppelbock that tastes about like banana pancakes with maple bacon on top. Holy wow. Only a few cases made it into Nashville. As of this writing we have about a case left in stock.

IMG_3674 IMG_3676 IMG_3681