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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer | Nashville, TN


Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

Looking on the Broadside


No one seems to have harnessed the power of Paso Robles quite like the winemakers behind Broadside wines. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of powerful wine coming out of that part of California. But Broadside has a restrained quality that is missing in so many of the others. Never jammy, always poised. Attribute that finesse partly to the location of the Margarita Vineyard, which sits a little further south and is a little cooler than its neighbors. But also recognize that a light touch in the cellar (little to no oak treatment, all native yeasts) and a preference by the winemakers for lower ripeness of fruit makes for wine that is both bold and focused in its approach, lingering and earthy in its finish.

The Winemakers

Young gun Chris Brockway of Broc Cellars teamed up with fellow iconoclast Brian Terrizzi of Giornata to form this lineup of wallet-friendly California superstars. Terrizzi is known for working with Italian varietals that otherwise get little attention in California, like Vermentino and Aglianico, and for doing them justice. Brockway was named a "winemaker to watch" last year by the San Francisco Chronicle, and is known for producing deliciously drinkable wines that are on the low side of the alcohol content range.

The Wines

"Margarita Vineyard" Cabernet Sauvignon — $22 "Margarita Vineyard" Merlot — $20 "Printers Alley" Proprietary Red — $20 "Wild Ferment" Chardonnay — $17