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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

Èric Chevalier


Èric Chevalier is an unlikely hero. When he took over his father's estate in 1995, he did so reluctantly. Slowly, over the past two decades, Èric has begun to embrace his fate and allowed his passion to grow. Today he makes some of the most exciting wines in all the Nantais. And with his first vintage of Grolleau rosé 2013 looks to be his year. Chevalier

Chevlier's wines have impressed us here in the shop, year over year, by their deceptively simple focus and their nervy character (read: brightly acidic with an intensity of fresh fruit and refreshment).

Before, it's been all about the whites. We always get a few cases of his delicious, if oddball, Chardonnay. Ditto his Muscadet, a perennial staple. But this is the first time he's made the little gem of a rosé wine from a "widely planted though little recognized" grape called Grolleau. Wine Grapes tells us that it ain't easy to create "the relatively pale, light-bodied, supple, expressive, red-fruited" wines like this exemplar. Consider M. Chevalier a natural then, because his first crack is a masterpiece of freshness that leaves me wanting more, and more, and more...


The Wines of Èric Chevalier

Muscadet Côtes de Grand Lieu sur lie — $15 Grolleau Rosé 2012 — $16

Free tasting, Saturday April 27 | 3-5pm