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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

Yes, We Can


You may have noticed the quiet invasion, over the last few years, of aluminum cans into the world of craft beer. I mean, if you drink beer there's no way you haven't. And while some breweries are really getting innovative with their canning, others are just shooting straight. There are many reasons to love drinking craft beer in cans, especially on Memorial Day Weekend. Here's a short list:

6 Reasons to Drink Craft Beer from Cans this Memorial Day Weekend

1.  Bobbling a cooler and chair with one arm while walking sandle-clad past a sign that reads "No Glass," and stopping to savor the moment as you tip back a cold can of Dale's;

2.  Feeling the aluminum give way in your grasp as you lift your arm in the air victorious, little foam bits of Saison raining down on your sundappled face and crowning you All-Time Cornhole Champion of the World;

3.  Stomping down on an empty and hearing the snappy crunch of collapse, and the feathery weight of the recycling bin as you drag it to the alley the next morning;

4.  The tight spiral of the Torpedo can sailing from the starboard deck ten yards into the open hands of a gently floating friend;

5.  Buying Monkeynaut at a dollar off;

6.  Nostalgia aside, it's way better than Pabst.