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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

ENBF: Petrus Oak Aged


Up to your ears in sour! Petrus Aged Pale is aged for 24-36 months in large oak barrels. During that time, millions of micro-organisms interact with the beer and create lactic acids. The result is an incredibly dry and complex beer, something akin to Brut Champagne. sour_face_answer_7_xlarge

The first sip will pucker you up quick. But sips 2 and 3 open the gates to beer heaven (hence Petrus, the Latin name for St. Peter). The Aged Pale is the 'mother beer' for the Petrus brand, meaning they blend this beer into all of their other beers to add signature style and complexity. At some point, beer guru Michael Jackson convinced Petrus to bottle the Aged Pale on its own... Thank Peter he did! Enjoy this one on tap Saturday.

Petrus Aged Pale (11.2 oz bottles — $6) 7.3% ABV