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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

ENBF: Uerige Dopplesticke


We'll have this one on tap at ENBF. UerigeDoppelsticke

To love Doppelsticke is easy, but to understand it takes time. Let's go back to the mid-1800s, in Germany. With the rise of refrigeration, Bavarian-style lager beer has suddenly swept across the land and threatens to wipe ales nearly out of existence. In the west, traditionalists hang on by a thread. Cologne begins making Kölsch (a top-fermented ale conditioned at cold temperatures to mimic the crispness of lager) and Düsseldorf begins making Altbier. Or, rather, continues making the same beer it has always made, but begins calling it Altbier, or "old beer," to distinguish it from the new trendy bottom-fermented beers called lagers.

Sticke is a special style of Altbier derived from the happy accidents of brewers. The word sticke derives from the local dialect word stickum ("secret"), meaning the secret recipes these brewers found by messing up their regular beer and having to add more malt and hops to find a balance. Eventually it became a thing, and today sticke is brewed twice a year by only a few breweries in the city of Düsseldorf. And only one of them brews a Doppelsticke ("double sticke"), Germany's answer to the barleywine ale.

Zum Uerige is a brewpub, a corner bar in the heart of old town of Düsseldorf. And they just happen to make some of the best ales in Germany. Dopplesticke is their invention, a one of a kind, big, rich, aromatic dark beer with a hop bitterness unlike anything in its class. You really have to see and taste this one to believe it. Yowzers. We've had it for a while in bottles (11.2 oz - $11), but on draft? Hells yeah. Can't wait!