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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

ENBF: Belgian Coast


There's a pretty serious love affair going on between the San Diego brewery Green Flash and the Belgian house of Brasserie St. Feuillien. St. Feuillien was an Irish monk martyred in the charcoal forest near Le Roeulx in 655 AD. Nearly 1400 years later we drink a beer named for this traveling holy man. The brewery is in this same town, and the Friart family are the heirs of the abbey brewing tradition that is so rich in this part of the world. They founded the brewery in 1873 and have been making world class beer ever since.

When Chuck Silva visited the brewery several years ago, he knew special things were happening. Belgian Coast IPA (12oz bottles — $5) is now the third collaboration between the breweries. Another trans-Atlantic marriage of styles—old meets new and we get the best of both!

Who knew a beer could unleash this much thunder. . .

It turns out Belgian Coast is not nearly as tame as it sounds. This is a totally stormy, totally seductive brew: very fragrant, a touch fruity, intensely bitter, rich through the finish. No doubt this keg will kick fast on Saturday.

Also, be sure to keep up with what we're tapping as we tap it on the day of the festival. Follow us on twitter @woodlandwine or with the hashtag #woodlandtaps. We'll be doing it live all day.

St. Feuillien & Green Flash Belgian Coast IPA 7.5% ABV