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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

ENBF: Vapeur Saison de Pipaix


My colleague Kelley-Frances just told me, "I like to sweat a lot." Who knows what she was talking about (...) but I'm going with her desire for a thirst-quenching beer. Today we're talking Saison de Pipaix from La Brasserie à Vapeur.

Saison as a style was created way back as a potable way to hydrate migrating farmhands in the French/Belgian countryside. It also doubled as payment (I've heard figures as staggering as 5 gallons per day!). The Pipaix was first created in 1785, and is the only beer Vapeur has kept in its arsenal over the subsequent centuries.

Pipaix (750ml bottles — $11) has been a favorite here since we first started carrying it last year. It's one of those beers that has a crisp lunchtime appeal, with a little touch of animal wildness in the aromas and flavors, a little spice to clean things up. It's more tart than other, simpler Saisons (almost like a full-bodied geuze), and its complexity is deceptively subtle. Never had this one on draft before... It'll be one to come back for on a second round.

Brasserie à Vapeur "Saison de Pipaix" 6.5% ABV