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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

ENBF: Wild Beer Co.


Introducing one of the boldest lines of beer I've seen in a while. Wild Beer Co. is a British company remixing continental tradition with innovation and looking for a new third way through. On Saturday we'll unveil two of Wild Beer Co.'s strange saisons, 'Bliss' and 'Iduna.'

Bliss (not yet available in bottles) is a darker, hardier interpretation that is loaded with apricots in the boil. Adding the fruit at this stage (rather than later, during fermentation) means a big fruit presence without the sweetness. To make things even stranger, Brettanomyces is added to give the beer a very dry, very funky and very complex palate. This is a beer that will develop over time, evolve into something wildly different. Not sure how old the keg we're getting will be, but no doubt it's going to be like nothing else at the festival.

Iduna (11.2 oz bottles — $10) is maybe a smidgen more traditional, but just a smidgen. It too is a saison with fruit, in this case Somerset apples. Wild yeasts are allowed to develop and a boatload of New Zealand hops are added. The final touch? Champagne yeasts to condition the beer in bottle (or keg). Dry, spritzy, delicate and really a surprise on your tongue. This one will wake you up!

Both of these beers just landed in the shop yesterday, and we'll have them both on tap tomorrow at the East Nashville Beer Festival. You won't want to miss them. Quenchers with a singular sense of style.

Wild Beer Co. Bliss 6.0% ABV

Wild Beer Co. Iduna Cru 9.0% ABV

And to close things out, one of the strangest (wildest) Flintstones episodes ever.