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Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer | Nashville, TN


Purveyor of uncommon wine, spirits & beer.

Between my finger and my thumb


There are days when we glow with the fire of being, when life is coalescent in the kindling of the white hot now. And there are days when the fire burns low and we lie like embers in the hearth of a silver dawn. And there are still other days, days when the heat of a swampy evening keeps us from thinking of the fire at all, when we just want to be swept away. Those are the days in which our imaginations come to life, the days we find a friend in dreaming. Today, I'd rather be in Cali, kicking back at one of the Scribe Viticultural Society's epic al fresco dinners. If you detect the cloying scent of nostalgia in this smoke, blame the handsome rogues at Scribe. I've met co-vintner Adam Mariani twice, and both times he has disarmed me with his signature mix of enthusiasm and composure. And a quick revisiting of these wines—as well as the brothers Andrew and Adam who make them, their easy manner and principled approach, the sheer joy they seem to take in their craft—has me swooning all over again.

I'll spare you a rehashing of all the delightful history of the land Scribe now occupies, or their unusual approach to farming (with the wild), and instead encourage you to check out their site. Or, even better, come dip your taste buds in a few pours of Scribe wines and meet Adam, the younger of the vintners Mariani. They're making some of the most engaging wines in Napa without wasting an ounce of charm. Adam will be here Saturday. Not to be missed.


FREE TASTING Saturday, May 31 3pm - 5pm The Wines of Scribe Winery

2013 Estate Sylvaner ($tbd)

2012 Estate Riesling ($tbd)

2012 Skin-fermented Chardonnay ($tbd)

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon ($tbd)