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Yes, We Can


You may have noticed the quiet invasion, over the last few years, of aluminum cans into the world of craft beer. I mean, if you drink beer there's no way you haven't. And while some breweries are really getting innovative with their canning, others are just shooting straight. There are many reasons to love drinking craft beer in cans, especially on Memorial Day Weekend. Here's a short list:

6 Reasons to Drink Craft Beer from Cans this Memorial Day Weekend

1.  Bobbling a cooler and chair with one arm while walking sandle-clad past a sign that reads "No Glass," and stopping to savor the moment as you tip back a cold can of Dale's;

2.  Feeling the aluminum give way in your grasp as you lift your arm in the air victorious, little foam bits of Saison raining down on your sundappled face and crowning you All-Time Cornhole Champion of the World;

3.  Stomping down on an empty and hearing the snappy crunch of collapse, and the feathery weight of the recycling bin as you drag it to the alley the next morning;

4.  The tight spiral of the Torpedo can sailing from the starboard deck ten yards into the open hands of a gently floating friend;

5.  Buying Monkeynaut at a dollar off;

6.  Nostalgia aside, it's way better than Pabst.

Craft Beer Week recap


All in all a great week. We had two in-store tastings, a beer dinner down at Marché, and we held our own as the only European beer contingent at the East Nashville Beer Festival. We were lucky the rain held off til the end, and we didn't quite run out of beer (believe it or not!). We even popped a jeroboam (3L bottle) of St. Feuillien Tripel, which went over pretty well with the crowd. Pics after the jump.

St Feuillien Tripel St Feuillien Tripel


Thursday night we hung out with with Dan, brewer at Straight to Ale, who was in the store for a couple hours. We opened all of their high-gravity selections, including a special release collaboration between Straight to Ale, Blue Pants and Yellowhammer (all from in and around Huntsville, AL). They split costs on a bottling line and came together for a series of four brews. Liberation is a smoked Doppelbock that tastes about like banana pancakes with maple bacon on top. Holy wow. Only a few cases made it into Nashville. As of this writing we have about a case left in stock.

IMG_3674 IMG_3676 IMG_3681

Nashville Craft Beer Week


Three great events this week. Plus, we'll have a tent at the East Nashville Beer Festival on Saturday! We're going to be pouring up some of Belgium's finest ales. Which means we'll probably be the day's only European beer contingent. I think everything else is pretty well focused on American craft ales. Stop by for a dash of old world charm. Also this week, we have two free in-store tastings and a beer dinner in collaboration with Marché Artisan Foods. More after the jump.

Tuesday, March 19 5:00 — 7:00pm

North Coast Brewing Co.

Tonight we're hosting North Coast Brewing Co. for 90 mins of free-flowing beer. It's going to be awesome. Here's a list (in no particular order) of the beers we'll be pouring:

  • Acme India Pale Ale
  • Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
  • Pranqster Belgian-style Golden Ale
  • Brother Thelonious Belgian-style Abbey Ale
  • Le Merle Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale


Wednesday, March 20 6:30pm @ Marché Artisan Foods


Beer dinner with Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Five courses & five beer pairings. $40 You'd seriously be crazy not to go... Call (615) 262-1111 for reservations.


Thursday, March 21 5:00 — 7:00pm

Straight to Ale


Thursday we're hosting regional up-and-comers Straight to Ale. These guys are from Huntsville, AL and just hit the Nashville scene at the end of last year. And... they pretty much can't be stopped. If you haven't had their beer, it's good on a level that transcends what you might think about Alabama beer (and hell, the entire Southeast really). Come chat 'em up. Here's what we're pouring:

  • Monkeynaut India Pale Ale
  • Laika Russian Imperial Stout
  • Unobtanium Old Ale
  • Intimidator Doppelbock
  • Hellfire Quadrupel
  • plus a surprise NEW RELEASE!

Barrel-Aged Beers


rasputinNCWEBNorth Coast Brewing Co. Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin XV Russian Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon barrels >twenty bucks

Every year North Coast ages a special batch of its Old Rasputin in Bourbon barrels. Prior to 2012, this beer was only available at the brewery. In this 15th edition, as its popularity has grown across the nation, this top-rated brew is available for the first time in Nashville. Very limited release.



blackopsNCWEB Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Black Ops Stout aged in Bourbon barrels >twenty bucks

Production ramped slightly for this year's release of the much balyhooed Black Ops. 1200 cases, up from last year's 1100. Bottle conditioned with Champagne yeasts and aged in Woodford Reserve barrels for four months. Pours like engine oil, tastes like boozy heaven. Limited release.



unobtaniumNC2WEB Straight to Ale Unobtainium Old Ale aged in Bourbon barrels >twelve bucks

When Straight to Ale finally made it to TN, I was surprised how consistent their beers are. From the RIS Laika to the fresh & clean IPA Monkeynaut, these are undersung craft beers from an unlikely place—Huntsville AL. This Old Ale is full of rich, sweet booziness. One to share over a sliver of Stilton. Limited release.